So, he bent the knee and you said yes, that is good. Your family now knows about it, all right. You already have made a selfie with the ring, that’s great. Now, you two are considering whether or not to have an engagement party, well it depends. This is actually what plagues most couples: to have or not to have an engagement party. While some people consider it as unpractical and unnecessary, others see it as a significant part of the whole marriage process. The good news is, having an engagement party does not need to be so fancy; it is quite flexible. You can also document your engagement to make it more memorable through services like Professional Engagement Photography Oregon 

Here, we provide you the reason why you need to consider having an engagement party: 

It serves as an ice breaker for both families  

Even if you already have spent tears together, there are still some relatives or extended family that you and your future spouse have not met yet. Having an engagement party will save the awkward introductions during the wedding day.  

It serves as a pre-planning exercise before the wedding 

Thinking about the wedding might be wonderful, but the actual planning is difficult. There are a lot of things you need to consider such as the venue, the menu, the motif, style, schedule, guest list, and other preparations to ensure the wedding will be as seamless as possible. When you have not tried organizing any event, your engagement party can serve as a pre-planning exercise for you before the wedding. This will give you an idea of how many guests you would love to have, and what style and motif you would want your wedding to have since engagement and wedding do commonly have the same style and design.  

It informs everyone you hold dear 

As mentioned, your engagement will serve as a preparation for the wedding, There, you will be able to gather everyone and inform them about the wedding and any related plans.  

 It gives the “marriage” feels 

Sure, you already have had some selfies with your ring. However, if you’re the kind of person who cannot settle for only selfies an engagement party is ideal for you to inform everyone and to have that “feel” of getting married weeks or months since the proposal day.  

 It provides an opportunity to receive gifts  

This might sound greedy and selfish but it is what it is. Some people who attend engagement parties sometimes give the couples some gifts and some friends and family even provide cash. There are even couples who received some gift cast that saved the fees of the wedding venue. So, try to have an engagement party and be stunned by the generosity of your family and friends.  


Always remember that while engagement parties provide you a lot of pros, it is optional to have it before your wedding. Even if it can be hosted in your parents’ house, you can always choose to pass if you are in a tight budget.