There are many risks to tending a tree. You need to properly take care of it, not for the sole reason that it needs to flourish and grow healthy, but to secure your safety as well as the safety of those surrounding it as well. A tree is known to be gigantic, and people, in general, are no match to its weight. Thus, when a tree is not taken care of very well, it can become a hazard.    

Tree removal is sometimes necessary even if you think the tree is fine since it is standing tall. However, you can only ensure a tree is healthy and not threatening to you and your community’s safety when you consult a professional.   

Tree removal also includes handling heavy equipment and will need a professional’s skill to secure safety in handling it. Knowledge in physics or tree felling will also be very handy in removing a tree and securing no damage is acquired by the environment it is in.   

However, if we enumerate the risks of tree removal, what could they be?   

  1. Power Lines 

A tree is taller than your usual definition of tall, mostly linked to basketball players’ height. This may cause the tree removal to be difficult because it is often near to power lines due to the height of a tree. This is challenging to your safety because if you do not have the safety gears need for safety, you or your tools may be exposed to some live wires and may injure you one way or another. Even if wires are meant to be safe, even with exposure to water through storms or winter seasons, they can still get faulty.   

  1. Equipment

Handling tree removal requires the right equipment. This is to ensure that you are effective in your cause of eating rid of the tree while securing your safety when using the equipment. However, when dealing with bigger trees, homeowners often assume that the tools in their utility are enough to handle the thickness of the tree trunk or branches when this is not usually the case. Handling tree removal needs a lot of equipment, including ropes, cranes, chain saws, and wood chippers. However, this is not usually available at home, and even if you gain access to it because you want to do the task by yourself, you mostly need to invest in renting this equipment.   

  1. Decay or Rotting 

When a tree has issues with decay, it can be really hard to deal with, especially if you are not a professional in the job. Moreover, even professionals need the right equipment to handle the job correctly while considering safety. Therefore, if you notice that your tree has issues with decay through signs like branches falling, you should have a professional help you instead of tackling the problem yourself.   

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